PICV - Van cân bằng điều khiển không phụ thuộc áp lực Model 9700/9705

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PICV - Van cân bằng điều khiển không phụ thuộc áp lực Model 9700/9705

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PICV- Van cân bằng điều khiển không phụ thuộc áp lực-VIR .Model: 9700/9705 (có option lắp đầu điều khiển điện)

Model: 9700/9705

Brand: VIR- Italy


DZR brass pressure independent control valve (PICV) 
Diameters from DN015 - ½" to DN032 - 1¼" 
Threaded M/M for union ends (ISO228/1) 
With differential pressure regulator for ∆P up to 400kPa 
Tolerance on nominal regulated flow ±15% 
Available in the following versions: 
● Fig. 9700, without test points 
   (this does not allow the installation of test points) 
● Fig. 9705, with test points 
Flow modulation always use the whole valve stroke 
(independently from the presetting) 
With threaded M30x1,5 connection for linear actuator 
TR CU 010 compliant

PN20 (Max 20bar up to 100°C, max 10bar at 130°C) 
Free of CE marking (cat. according to Art. 4.3 Dir. 2014/68/EU)

Working conditions 
● Water: -10°C to +130°C 
   below 0°C only for water with added antifreeze fluids 
   over 100°C only for water with added anti-boiling fluids
   (Ethylene glycol or propylene glycol mixtures up to 50% may be used) 
● Not suitable for: gases group 1 & 2, liquids group 1 (Dir. 2014/68/EU)

Optional "Vaurien" electric actuator 
ON/OFF linear actuator 
M30x1,5 threaded nut with fast connection 
Stroke time: about 5 minutes 
With 1m electric wire 
Enclosure protection IP54 
CE compliant 
Power supply 50Hz or 60Hz 
Versions for 230VAC or 24V AC/DC available 
Normally closed (NC) 
Normally open (NO) version available on request 
Working ambient temperature: 0° to +60°C

Optional "Vaurien-M" electric actuator 
Modulating mechanical linear actuator 
M30x1,5 threaded connection 
Max stroke 6,3mm, auto stroke detection 
Auto-zero self calibration 
Stroke time 8sec./mm, thrust 130N 
With 2m electric wire 
Enclosure protection IP43 
CE compliant 
Power supply 50Hz or 60Hz, 24V AC/DC, power 1,5W 
0-10V control signal 
(adjustable for 0-5VDC, 5-10VDC, 2-10VDC, 0-20mA o 4-20mA) 
Linear charactreristic (adjustable for equal-percentage characteristic) 
Working ambient temperature: 0° to +50°C 
Working fluid temperature: 0° to +95°C

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